Hi Lovelies! 

How y’all doing? Chillin out here..hehe!! I was blessed with another day in my life (thank God!), so I could experience yet another happening (so-to-say). As you know, summer is all about carnivals and my hood celebrated theirs last week. Here are some few pics I took and wanted to share with y’all, 🙂


This is me in my carnival look…keeping it simple in a vest, tube top over a print skirt. I added on the red hat to spice things!

My friend/hair stylist, Rita and her baby!

I hate how this lady got my boy hooked in the middle of her! From the look on his face, you can see he didn’t feel it either…hehe!!

I had to applaud this lady after the stunt she pulled right in front of me…lol! If you saw how she got to that position, oh boy! Auch!!

*Face expression though!* smh!

Thanks y’all for the visit. Have a wonderful weekend!


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