Guyz have you seen the teaser of the upcoming movie of RnB girl group TLC?.. No? Well no worries cos that’s why mami (lol!) is here. In the movie Keke Palmer plays Chilli, Lil Mama is Left Eye and Drew Sidora is T-Boz.

There were so much bickering concerning the choice of girls, but I actually think two of the girls aren’t bad at all. People liked Keke Palmer but

after watching the teaser, I think she was a bad choice. She doesn’t do justice to the Character for me. Anywhos this is just a teaser, hopefully she’ll make me take my words back after I watch the end product. Hehe.. Lil Mama is surprisingly wayyyy better! -for a minute I thought it was the real Left Eye (R.I.P)…-liked Sidora too. She has that ‘T-Boz’ energy/presence.

Y’all have a watch and leave a comment of what you think.




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