Hi Lovelies!

How you doing? [in my Wendy Williams voice!]. I’m fine by the grace of God. Woke up this morning not realizing that its already 2nd July. Talk of how time flies right!? Wasn’t it just yesterday we entered 2013? Hmm..anyway looks like we’re half way through the year. I believe if not everyday or every month, at least we should access ourselves twice every year..-first half of the year and second half. I mean have we accomplished or even started working on our new year’s resolutions/goals? Have we addressed or dealt with that situation we should have done long ago? To answer for myself, yes (some at least). What about you? All I’m on about is, we need to finish what we start. I know this journey call life can be challenging if not most of the time then sometimes, but we don’t have to give up. The truth is we’ll hit some bumpy roads and get knocked down, BUT we’ve to keep going y’all. The most amazing thing is that, we have God on our side. Some of you might not be Christians or believe in God, but I’m challenging you today to take a step of faith and see what God can do. Lemme tell you Jesus even encountered some challenges during His quest to save us, so how much more we! Lets not forget His intentions were good but STILL there were obstacles trying to stop Him. At the end, Jesus overcame them and won the battle for us. We can do the same with the help of God Almighty. I promise you there’s nothing satisfying, pleasing, joyful than knowing that you’ve finished  or accomplished what you started.  

Ait that’s it for me beautiful people! Happy new month to you..-also all the best for the day and rest of the months to come. Don’t forget we’re in this journey together. Keep your heads up. With God everything is possible! Can i get an Amen?…AMEN! 🙂

Hope this inspires you in any wayz. Take care and thanks for the support. I’m love you!



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