Hi Lovelies! Pray you’re fine and all is well.

If you follow this blog, you know I’m all about simple, casual looks. That’s my thing! and it doesn’t get any better than that. My friends always say, “Mavis you gotta step out of your comfort zone”, and I do agree. But at the moment this is where I feel comfortable at, so yea! thats it! (No Bueno!). Call me boring, me no care (in my Jamaican accent, haha!). I believe everyone has something that defines or makes them unique. It could be anything from their personality to their style and that’s what makes one attracted or like  them. Don’t do anything you ain’t comfortable at. Enough said! 🙂

Anywhos this is me Sunday church look..-paired my boohoo dress with this khaki vest I snatched from Asda. And added a pop of colour with my sandals. Dressing for church on Sundays has defo become one of the hardest thing for me. Most of the time, I end up trying on few clothes before deciding on one. To me church is the one place I feel like we can’t do anything we want cos it’s the house of God. Hence no dressing anyhow or too revealing. What are your thoughts about that?

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Stay Bless!


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