Hi Lovelies!

I don’t know if you’re aware yet but in few weeks (2 weeks to be precise!) Google Reader will be gone. This means, bloggers you have to transfer your Blog Reads and let all your subscribers know so they can follow you via some where else…-probably Bloglovin or NetworkedBlog or anywhere you know of.

Click on this LINK to help you transfer your Google Reader RSS FEED to Bloglovin.

If you’re not familiar with BLOGLOVIN or don’t have an account with them,

  1. Signup to Bloglovin.
  2. Look for *claim blog* button, enter your blog address and click *result*.
  3.  Copy and paste the code it provides into a widget on the sidebar and Save. DONE!

Start telling or asking readers/followers to follow your blog via your preferred site.

With that said, can all my blog buddies/friends/families follow my blog via BLOGLOVIN Please…Thanks and ofcos will follow y’all too there. Just let me know if you’ve a bloglovin account in the comment area.

Hope this helps someone. Take care and stay bless.



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