Happy Sunday Lovelies…

Hope everyone is fine and having a nice weekend. Thank God for a new month..-May went by so fast! Anywhos I am quite excited about June, because it’s my month.:-) In fact next week is my birthday if God permits. No plans yet but hope one pops up soon.

It’s that time of the month again! You know what it is right!?

May Fav…

This month I want to start a healthy regime, so I can shed few pounds cos I’m tired of people telling me how big I’ve become. It’s annoying! You know when you’re in denial of something but people keep trying to make it so damn obvious to the extend of it irritating you..


Have you got your May fav? Holla at me and let me check you out.

This is a quick post so y’all have a good day/evening!

Stay Bless!


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