Hello lovelies..
How ya doing? You know you’re blessed if you’re up and kicking this morning. It is not by our might nor our strength nor our beauty and defo not by our good works. As humans we’re constantly making mistakes and God has every right to give up on us. But He didn’t and never will. The word says  “everyday is a new day to announce that the Lord saves His people”. Isn’t that great!? And we sure can be glad that God ain’t a human being that He’ll deceive nor lie to us.

Unfortunately yesterday was my last day as a Supervisor at my work place. Due to a lot of companies/employers cutting down on budgets here in the UK, people are loosing their jobs and I happened to be a victim. My heart goes out to some of my colleagues who also lost theirs. It can sure be frustrating but we got to stay positive all the time (yes even when things aren’t going well). Life has a mind of its own and we can never rap our pretty minds around it. But when we put our trust/hope in God, like I said..He sure won’t forsake us.
1 Peter 5:7 = Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. 
If you’re going through tough times in your life, I want to encourage you that all isn’t lost yet. Please don’t lose hope at all. One door shuts, another door opens and that’s Whatsup!! 

I believe I’ve put a smile on your heart. Now lemme put a smile on your face…

Hahahahaa…this sure takes me back!! I’ve still got some marks from all the spanking I got in school in Gh.

And then we wonder why people back home ask for too much money and why they think Europe (abroad) is a place where money is plugged from trees. I know sometimes we want to make our folks proud of us but we all gotta start from somewhere in life. Ain’t no shame about it cos one day you’ll tell your story.

Don’t front, you know that’s you! hahaha…

Enemies will sure think twice when they see what’s coming…hehe!!

Do you think that’s the name of the Salon or just a good message for people passing by? 🙂

How creative is this!

Now that’s a good dress…haha!!

Thank God for internet!

Well hope you enjoyed this post. Have a lovely day! One love!

Be Strong..


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