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Hope you’re alive and kicking!

It feels like valentine day up in here! haha.. Red used to be one of my favorite colour until the day my mum said “red is the devil’s colour”. Don’t even ask me where she got that from cos I don’t know either. She’s got her own theory in life which is uncomprehending sometimes. You can say I come from a very weird family but then again who doesn’t right? And as for red, yeah its back to being one of my fav colours!!

I wore this outfit to film an event on Saturday. Its not your typical working ensemble but hey the weather called for it. We hardly get good weather in the UK so one has to make good use of it when it shows its face. Besides, this dress wasn’t this short when I got it. Either I got taller or the dress got shorter in my closet..haha!

I had to feature my cousin. How lovely is his “Shorts”. Its pieces of clothe merged together and sown into that. I had to try this “Ray Ban” sunglasses on cos the man in the pic won’t let sleeping dogs lie!! 

This coat is everything! I feel like a Rapper in his/her Chinchilla! ha!

What I wore: 

Dress = M&Co (old but similar gorg Here), Wedge = Primark (old but nice one Here), Coat = (old, like Here), Bag = (kinda similar Here)

Guess you’ve noticed the changes to my blog. 🙂 Due to this blog being partly a University Project, it will be going through some changes now and then just to get better grade. Sorry about that but what do you think of the present design? Any Expert Bloggers wanna offer some advice? 

Hope you enjoy this post. Stay Bless!



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