Hi Guyz…hope your week is going well so far!

Do you remember your life/what you did before the birth of internet? Oftentimes I ask myself or try to remember how i even discovered the internet plus its entities like social media networks..Ha!! Internet is probably the most brilliant innovation in the history of man. While there’re advantages and disadvantages about it, it’s no doubt that without it there will be no Facebook, online blogging, Youtube, etc. etc. One thing is for sure that internet has made communication and gaining information about almost anything easier. 

In the words of Bob Metcalfe (1995), “The Web might Be Better than Sex” 

Anywhos during one of my random internet roaming this week, I came across the beautiful, the ugly, the funny and well …….(fill in the blank space after looking at the pics below) 🙂 Thought I share it with y’all. Hope some of it makes your day!

P:S.: I don’t owe none of the photos…All courtesy of the Gargantuan  Internet!! hahaha…

1st Pic: What a way to make money isn’t it!? Funny..smh!

 2nd Pic: Hilarious…

 3rd Pic: I’m not a massive fan of Beyonce but truth be-told she looks beautiful on the cover of Vogue India. Everything about/on her is on point!! “thumbs up”.

 4th Pic: Now this is my girl. I’ve always loved her since I heard her music for the first time in Austria. Pink is crazily gorgeous and that’s whats unique about her. This cover is fire.. 

 5th Pic: Hahahaa…no comment!

 6th Pic: I wonder who came up with this idea…Funny!

 7th Pic: Dudes be like “chillin with my babe” hahaha…

 8th Pic: What photoshop/illustrator can do!! Came across this pic yesterday on Facebook. How mean is this!!? I’m the first to always laugh at stuffs but the look of Jay-Z just stopped me from doing that.

Hmm..hope you enjoy this post. I’m off to work. Y’all have a lovely, blessed day. Thanks for your visit…Appreciated!



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