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May here! Hope y’all fine and holding on well at your neck of the wood. Personally I’m so stressed with Uni projects. I’m trying to get things done before June comes cos you know moi wanna graduate this year if God permits. For the meantime, I nipped to Facebook during my 5mins break from doing assignments and saw this inspirational words on my dad’s wall. After reading it, I just knew I had to share it with y’all. I’ve been single for some years now. Having been in a few failed relationships, sometimes I tend to question myself what I’m doing/did wrong and blaming myself for stuffs. At the back of my mind, I know sometimes it ain’t my fault, but there is always that voice that says “What If” you forgave him, accepted him back, let him have his way, blablabla… Lord knows I’ve had my share of mess and cried myself to sleep sometimes, but I knew I couldn’t continue my life like that. I’ve a son who needs a strong figure in his life and I’m trying my best to stay strong for him. With the help of God of course. 

Missy Says: “someone is pouring out her feelings for the first time, wow! Is about time!! Proud of you May! Now wipe that tears off your face before I smack you…ha!”

May: “thank you!” [smiles]. Ait where was I before I was interrupted by Missy..hehe! Ok guyz, someone out there might be going through the same situation like me or generally just need a word of inspiration. Have a read through below and share your thoughts.


If you are single, focus on being a better one instead of looking for someone better than your ex. A BETTER YOU will attract a BETTER NEXT. There is a purpose to every failed relationship. The purpose is not to encourage you to lower your expectations, but to raise your standards. NEVER cry for a failed relationship, just thank God that He has saved you from something terrible ahead. Be strong, give yourself time, know yourself better and someone will stand out on his or her own and he/she will love you unconditionally. If you have faith in God, you will not be crying forever, your broken heart will heal, your tears will dry and trust me one day you’ll find someone who will love you with all your IMPERFECTIONS. Yeah that person will adore you THE WAY YOU ARE and he or she will be PROUD OF YOU. Just kindly be patient as you’re praying to God.

[By Jerry Oyabede..]

Hope you’re inspired. Thanks for visiting and your support.

God bless you..

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