Guess who is stuck in Uni doing assignments!! Yours truly moi. 🙁 I’ve been here since morning and the time now is 02:02am. I’m hungry, smelly, miss my son and sleepy! My eyes are almost poppin outta the socket. It’s a hard knock life!!

Anywayz thought i share a sneak peak of my project (a film about marriage) with y’all. I just started editing, trying to fix things together so it looks like crab now. Don’t expect much….hehe!

So what do you think so far? I’m an amateur filmmaker so take it easy on me…hehe!! You can leave a comment/suggestion/advice here on the blog or underneath the video on my YouTube channel. You’re welcome to add me to your blog circle or subscribe to my Youtube channel for greater things to come (God willing). I’ll always follow u back 🙂

Thanks for your visit. 



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