“I am the vine and you’re the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you’ll bear much fruit; apart from me you’re nothing.”

John 15:5

It’s no secret that sometimes I need inspiration when it comes to dressing up. As women we just sometimes don’t know what to wear. Right?

My Sunday church outfit was inspired by the fabulous Soraya De Carvalho. When I think of the words fashionista, elegant, bold, confidence, beautiful (etc.) besides some few celebrities and people…Miss De Carvalho is synonymous with those words. She’s the first blogger I stalked when I became familiar with the Blogosphere. While some of her clothes (Designer) are on the pricey side, a single mum on a minimum wage like me can only dream..hehe!! I adore her anywayz 🙂

As soon as she uploaded this Post above, I knew I had to recreate this look. I owe a pair of monochrome pants (Primark) and an African print top my seamstress made for me last year. Just like Miss Soraya, I accessorized the whole ensemble with a simple statement belt and a neon clutch (trendy).

Sorry for the extra cleavage…

With my sleepy cousin & son 🙂

Windy effect..

This is how I styled the Blouse and Pants the last time i wore them. So what are your thoughts on my outfit? Do you think I did Miss Soraya De Carvalho proud? 🙂

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