1. When a bird is alive it eats ants, but when a bird dies, ants eats it. Time and circumstance can change at any time, don’t devalue or hurt anyone at your time. You may be powerful today but remember time is powerful than you. One tree makes a million matches sticks but when the time comes, one one matches stick is needed to burn a million trees. Respect and Value people.
  2. God gives us hopes and dreams for certain things to happen in our lives, but He doesn’t always allow us to see the exact timing of His plan. Although frustrating, not knowing the exact timing is what keeps us in the race. There’re times  when we might give up if we knew how long it was going to take, but when we accept God’s timing, we can learn to live in hope and enjoy our lives while God is working on our problems. We know that God’s plan for our lives is good, and when we entrust ourselves to Him, we can  experience total happiness and peace.
  3. In this life, we meet people for a reason; either they’re a blessing, an experience or a lesson. But in all don’t stop loving and smiling.
  4. Never ignore the people who love and cares for you. Cuz one day, you may realize you’ve lost the moon while counting the stars.
  5. And they ask “is this not the son of Joseph the Carpenter?” The people didn’t value or regard Jesus because he was born to poor parents, but He was Saviour to the world. Beautiful people I want to encourage and empower you today. If your families, friends or partner don’t value or regard you, I want to remind you that if a rejected  stone can become a corner stone, then you don’t have to look down on yourselves. Have faith and commit your ways to the Lord and He can change your lives or your situations around.
  6. Sometimes people try to expose what’s wrong with you because they can’t handle what’s right about you. Stay true to yourselves and pay no mind to the haters.
  7. No matter what you are facing, keep pressing forward. Soon you’ll look back and say with confidence, “That’s why God put me there” [Pastor Hagee].

Hope you’re fine and hope this inspires you as you continue this journey of life. Have a blessed day. Keep your heads up!

P:S.: Feel free to comment, advice, suggest or add me to your circle. I’ll of course do the same…it’s all about sharing and learning from one another. xoxo!


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