My post is inspired by my son (hahaha..). All am hearing in the house today is Psy’s Gangsam Style song. He won’t stop singing and dancing to that song. After hearing other children singing that at a friend’s son birthday party, he was hooked!!

Are you a public transport traveller? How annoying can it be sometimes.!! So I’m sat in the bus, tired from work and university. This man walks in holding flowers and I’m thinking wow he probably bought it for his lady…how nice of him!! He sits behind me and OMdzz he reeks of alcohol. Within few minutes he just puts on loud music like he’s in his house. For a minute I thought it was his phone ringing but then the music just kept on coming /changing. People were pissed! but minded their own business by not stopping him! UK for ya..

Anywayz what y’all doing tonite? I’m chillaxing at home. For the mean time here’s moi. A church pic I forgot to post. I apologize for the poor quality of pics..

With Anita and Juliet…posing after church!

Simple smooth! Paired my blue skirt from M&CO with a simple white top and black waistcoat. What do you think?

Thanks for passing by and following. God bless you.


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