CHURCH Ensemble: Simple Peplum dress (M&CO) with a blazer from River Island. Both were on sales (£20) and you know I’m a sucker for sales stuffs. Even if they’re size 20 and I like it, I will buy em and alter em by a seamstress. hahahahaa!! I guess not all of us can afford a designer wear. 

Anywhos I hope by now you know I’m a blazer-gal!! Can’t do without em… Moi for ya. Be the judge. Good Evening…

Just focus on the shoe and pretend like you don’t see the scars on my leg. Those are from my tomboy days in Africa. hehe!!

Shoe: M&CO

What Apps can Do!! 😉

Thanks for passing by and your support. God bless you.



    • March 8, 2013 / 11:47 pm

      Thanks Miss Yasmine,:-) By the way I love your bold style..;-)

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