Hi Guyz,

Happy Easter to you all. Hope you’re enjoying your holidays while it last…hehe!! As for the weather, ah well don’t mind it. “It is what it is!!”

How wonderful is it that God brought us His only Begotten Son Jesus Christ to come die for our sins and sickness.? It is through the resurrection of Jesus that you and I have life today. In the midst of your enjoyment, remember to give Him thanks too for He deserves it.

Today I want to shine a light on my friend (Lydia Obute) who’s on the ‘New African Woman Magazine’. She won the Austria’s Next Top Model cycle 3 and she’s on fire right now. I remember years back how we use to play in Rennbahnweg (Vienna) cos we were neighbors. Now, the sky is the limit for this “feisty up & coming model”. It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you started in life, things can work out for the better. Just humble yourself, trust in God and everything will work out for good in your favour. Believe That!!

Just Fierce!


And now unto my shoe crushes! Ohhhh…awww.. what a gal is to do!! It’s official that I’m a shoe-freak! The weirder or unique the shoe looks, the better (not like Lady Gaga crazy though). 

Anywhos just have a look at dem shoes down below and tell me you ain’t in love.! The colours…HOT!

Which is your favorite? Mine is the all “Red in the Middle”

All hail to African prints.. Loving it! Arrg…excitment!

Photos are courtesy of “New African Women Magazine. Follow them on Facebook Facebook Page for greater things. 

Thanks to NAWM.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day.



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