Wish I could dance for joy that today is Friday but I can’t! Why? On my way taking my son to school today, I fell and twisted my ankle. All thanks to the heavy snow this morning. I haven’t shouted out of pain the way I did today. Don’t think giving birth to my son  even made me groan and cry that loud the way I did this morning. Couldn’t even get up…had to call and wait for a friend (thanks Anita) to come help me back home. Lil man just stood there saying “Mummy get up, Mummy get up” while crying. The rest of the day has been pretty much lame boring at home.

Here I thought summer is right on the corner! But with this constant snowing and cold, it can only be an imagination for now. Times (especially winter) like this, I wish I was rich enough to escape to places like Africa or somewhere sunny until the season passes by.

Note To Self: “Keep working hard and God will surely make a way for you.”  

Hope y’all had a better day though. 

Just passing through so y’all enjoy your evening and have a great weekend. Chill but make sure y’all don’t freeze! Down below is a song from me to you…dance your way to the weekend 🙂

Song: Uncle Obama

Artist: Sister Deborah

If you smiled or laughed after listening/watching this song, then I have achieved my goal.

Thanks for passing through. God bless you.




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