This is the continuation of the post “10 STEPS to POSITIVITY”. Like I said, life can be so busy sometimes that we forget to take care of ourselves or pay attention to the most important things.
So here are the other four to make up ten.


STEER CLEAR OF THE MOANERS: There’re some people who can act as a positivity drain. They moan about everything and , before you know it, their negativity has rubbed off on you! (ain’t that true..). While avoiding them completely may not be possible, try not to get drawn into their negative talk, instead finishing unhelpful conversations quickly before moving on.

TARGET THE CAUSE: If you feel negative becos there’s a problem that needs dealing with, the quickest way to become positive is to get rid of the problem! Is it time to clear the air with that neighbour you fell out with last week? Or maybe you’ve let the ironing build up and the idea is stressing you out – if you set aside a couple of hours tonight to watch a film and power through it, you’ll feel so much better tomorrow.

LOOK THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES: It’s sometimes easier to see someone else’s issues more positively than our own, so a good way to get a fresh perspective is to imagine what you’d say to someone in your situation. What advice would you give yourself? It maybe worth writing yourself a letter to yourself that you can refer back to when negativity starts closing in again.

SPEAK YOURSELF POSITIVE: Affirmations are simply positive statements which, if you repeat them out loud in a conscious manner over a period of time, can actually help shape your internal attitudes. Try a Bible verse like ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’ (Psalm 139:14) or ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ (Philippians 4:13), and see how it changes you. 

Thanks for visiting this blog and for reading this post. You’re blessed in Jesus Name, Amen! I recommend you start reading Families First – A Faith & Family Life Magazine because it’s packed with good messages and inspiring stories. That’s where this inspired post came from. 

Ait y’all have a good day and keep your heads up!



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