Struggling to look on the bright side of life? Then follow Rim Simpson’s Top Tips…

Hello Fab Bloggers & Readers, Hope y’all fine. I came across this article in “Families First Magazine” and thought I share it with y’all. Sometimes life stresses can let us forget to do the smallest things. And reading articles like this sort of awakens us! Ok take care…


LAUGH: Laughing releases endorphins and decreases stress hormones, which is good not only for your emotional but also your physical health. It’s hard to stay negative when you’re chucking at your favourite comedy show or your toddler’s antics, so make time to enjoy the things that tickle you.

GET SOME EXERCISE: Another way to boost endorphins is to get moving. Studies have proved numerous times how effective exercise is at beating negativity, and  is regularly recommended to those suffering with depression. If you don’t enjoy the gym, why not join a cheery Zumba class or buy a pilates DVD to do in the comfort of your own home?

BE MINDFUL: Many counsellors and life coaches recommend the benefits of ‘mindfulness’, which is simply the concept of being conscious of the present moment. Taking note of the sensations, thoughts and emotions that you feel, without thinking of the past or the future, can help still your mind and get rid of that jittery, jumpy feeling that comes with too much stress and pressure.

SWITCH NEWSPAPERS: The endless streams of wars and riots, economic problems and societal failures can wear you down after a while. Although it’s important to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world, why not dip into a more positive news source occasionally? Positive News, for example, is produced quarterly, but their website (www.positivenews.org.uk) is updated regularly.

SAY THANK YOU: If you find yourself getting into negative thinking, stop and think of three things that you can be grateful for. They might be the big things like your health or having a roof over your head, or the small things, like finding that dress you wanted half-price in the sale!

HELP SOMEONE: Sometimes the best way to get your eyes off your own problems is to help someone else. Random acts of kindness are reported to increase wellbeing and , because they improve the lives of others, they form a positivity chain that keeps on going.

To be Continued tomorrow if God permits…God bless you.



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