Good afternoon fellow fab Bloggers and fab Readers!! I hope by the grace of God everybody is doing fine and all is well at your neck of the hood. Stuck in Uni preparing two presentations which are due next week. What are you up to? To help me ease my boredom, I am listening to some goods tunes which I think are good music in one’s ear. Half of the music which are coming out of late are full of shits, especially hip-hop. I used to love rap music but lately I feel like its all about beats and shit lyrics. You don’t have to agree with me, it’s my personal opinion please. hehe… Then again I don’t know anything about music!! Comparing music back then to now, i feel like some key ingredients are defo missing. Did u watch Wendy William’s last night, Toni Braxton was  on and spoke about how she’s quitting music for good cos she feels music has lost it’s taste. It’s sad cos i loved her music. But I couldn’t agree with her more. Anywayz be the judge for yourselves….below are some samples of songs I’m hooked on right now!! A lil bit of everything from everywhere.

What do you think? Happy listening everybody…Enjoy the rest of the day. Safe! God bless you for visiting. 


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