I know y’all doing the “Happy Dance” cos it’s finally Friday! 🙂 I can’t deny it I’m over the moon too. The week has been quite stressful for me, from being a single mum to being a supervisor to a bunch of kids in a Primary School…it can frustrating sometimes. I should be used to it by now but honestly speaking I ain’t. Don’t get me wrong I love the kids but as the African proverb goes “it’s not everyday you go to fishing that you catch a fish”. Meaning sometimes the kids are cool but 90% of the time, very naughty, disrespectful, messy, stubborn, etc. etc. 
OH YES Thank God It’s Friday Indeed!!

How’s your evening looking like? Relaxing at home or hanging out? Anyways I’m hitting a night vigil at Church. I need and want to wait on God tonight. This is my first night vigil in 2013 and hope to draw more closer to the Lord cos it is one of my new year’s resolutions. Ait lovely people…have a great evening and a blessed weekend!! Chill but don’t freeze…. 😉

My Casual Self…Simple is the Word! This is what i wore for evangelism in Birmingham.



Leggings: NEXT

Vest: H&M


As usual thanks for your time and God richly bless you!! Comments and suggestions are always welcomed. Please feel free to add me to your circle or follow me and I’ll do the same. I’m just here to learn, have fun and to be inspired…Danke!! 

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