Hi y’alll…just dropping in. Pray you’re all fine and everything’s smooth at your neck of the hood. Keep your heads up and never give up cos God will never give up on you if you put your trust in Him. Take care and below is a daily devotion from none other than Mrs Joyce Meyer. Read on…God bless you!! May God have mercy  and guide us in all our steps in Jesus Name…AMEN.

So they came to John and reported to him, Rabbi, the Man Who was with you on the other side of the Jordan . . . notice, here He is baptizing too, and everybody is flocking to Him! John 3:26

John the Baptist came to prepare the way for the Lord. That was his purpose on earth and he knew it. But John’s disciples tried to incite him to jealousy over Jesus’ ministry! John replied, “A man must be content to receive the gift which is given him from heaven; there is no other source” (John 3:27).

You have a unique role in the body of Christ. There is no point in being jealous of someone else’s spiritual gifts or ministry. God is the only source for gifts and His plan is perfect for each of us. If your gift is giving, then give with zeal. If your gift is helping, then help somebody! Rather than worrying about what others are doing, figure out what God wants and go do it!


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