I should probably be titling  my post as “TGIF” but today was too disappointing and annoying to title my post that! Please don’t get me wrong. I’m very much grateful to God for His grace, mercies, provision and protection over us. Cos Lord knows I know without Him, there is no me or anybody for that matter!!

So you probably asking why this title then right? Well lemme number em for ya;

  1. Meant to interview a lady at work for my Uni final year project “Documentary about Marriage”, but she cancelled on me cos she’s so busy. I was really excited about this.. hence the 🙁  when she cancelled. Yea I know we can reschedule the interview date but she’s such a busy lady I’m afraid we might even end up not doing this interview at all. If you’ve been reading my posts, then you know I’m already nervous about this project cos its the final baby. Nothing can possibly go wrong!! BUMMER!!
  2. Do you’ve those friends who feel like they can dish up in your business but when you do the same, they get all aggressive and defensive forgetting the humor in the issue? Thank God if you don’t cos apparently i do!! And it’s annoying. The ridiculously insane bit is, when you dealing with one person and another friend from nowhere jumps in making matters worst than it actually is!! Well that’s a friend gone out the window cos I can’t take this nonsense anymore!! I don’t like people who take themselves too serious….WHAT A PISS TAKE, Pfff!!
  3. In order to cheer me up on all the above, I went to the cinema to watch the new movie “This is 40”. But guess what! The film was so boring I fell asleep 20mins into the movie. Even a couple walked out and never returned (Yes it was dat boring). Thank God Melissa McCarthy appeared to hype the movie about 35mins to finish. WHAT A WASTE Of MONEY!!
  4. Have you been in the store and on living, the alarm goes peepeepeeeee…then everybody turns to look at you like you’ve stolen something? Well it happened to me today. Went to do some work at the Uni library and on living, the alarm goes off. The funny thing is my mind was far away and didn’t realize the Security Guard was calling me. When i turned, everyone was looking at me so strangely. SO WEIRD & UNCOMFY!!
  5. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Finito!! Pouring my frustrations out here is probably the most fulfilling thing I’ve done all day. Thank God for internet!! Anywhos hope y’all had a better day than I did. Sorry for ranting on and on.

Good Evening & Good Night!! God Bless y’all…


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