TGIF! Bet you’re doing the happy dance cos its Friday…:-) Well I certainly  am. The week has been quite hectic with University assignments and my final year project (Documentary on Marriage). So far so good with the planning. I start filming tomorrow if God permits. I’m interviewing my “kuku crazy” neighbour who’s so funny. He has an opinion about everything. Can’t wait!!

For the mean time, have you been hearing or reading about this “Horsemeat” News or better yet scandal going around? Basically some Supermarkets meat products like burgers and lasagne contains horse meat.! Likewise one of the fast-food franchise. Ever since this News got out, there has been some talks all around in the UK. Everyday there’s something new about this issue on the news and today is no different. In the “Metro” today, a bird was discovered in a salad from one of this same Supermarkets. It has even emerged that European meat supply chains had been contaminated with horsemeat. 

I don’t know about you but when this news came out, I was taken aback. Won’t lie sometimes I visit that fast-food joint. It’s like my guilty pleasure. Don’t judge me I know you probably do the same.;-)
Anyway its about time we advice ourselves. Ditch all this processed foods and cook everything we eat at home. Yea even Sandwiches!! That way we know what’s going in our system. Don’t you agree? 

Thats it for me! Y’all have a nice evening and a blessed weekend. Stay outta trouble…haha! Take care and as always, thanks for passing by. God bless you.

DANKE viel mals (means thank you very much in German)….


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