Hello lovely people!! Longtime no hear, hope y’all doing fine and all is well at your neck of the hood. I’ve been quite busy the passed week cos the semester has officially started for me. I’m in the last semester of my final year at University and it’s a nightmare. Aside my final year project (A Documentary about Marriage), there’re numerous assignments and mini projects which are very annoying!! These tutors are having no mercy on us at all. Concerning my final project, I’m very nervous about it and scared shitless. This is an individual project so you can understand my worries. I can’t seems to shake those questions of what if something goes wrong or I’m not able to deliver on the due date.? I know i shouldn’t be entertaining these kinds of negative thoughts, but guess I’m human. Father Lord I leave my burdens and thoughts in Your care. Please let thy will be done in Jesus Name! AMEN!!

Alright it’s that time of the week again where I ask you, “Could you go to church or did you?” Anywayz I did and it was good. During the rest of the days of the week, sometimes I hardly worship or praise God and at church, one can sing, dance and pray hard. God is good all the time and all the time, God is good!! 

The weather was cold and rainy but nonetheless I managed to look as best as I can. I wore this comfy skirt and print top. Y’all know simple is my middle name…hehe!! Took some pics but they’re of poor quality cos I used an iPhone. Sorry guyz!!





Print Top: MATALAN

Y’all have a lovely evening…Thank you for passing by. Keep the fire burning…DANKE

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