Hope y’all had a good day than moi. I work as a Supervisor in a Primary School and these kids know no shame!! Children of today say whatever they want and do whatever they want. I remember my time as a child in Africa…OMdzzz you were disciplined well for even not greeting an elderly person. Back in the days I remember my dad would ask my brother and I this question “Have I done wrong if I slap you?” if we did something as simple as play in the mud!! What would have been your answer if your dad asked you that? Well brace yourselves cos whether you say yes or no, the slap gon come. As tough and strict as he was, I think it straightened us for the better. Now if a parent smack a child for disrespecting or being naughty, it is called Child Abuse!! Three weeks ago I read in the Newspaper how a single mother was ruled not guilty for smacking her kid…According to the Judge, being a parent isn’t easy. “Disciplining children now and then won’t kill em”, she said. For some reason that story made my whole day. Maybe it’s because I’m a single mum so I could put myself in that woman’s shoes. Hmmm…just praying God give me the strength to raise my son well and overcome the frustrations and challenges of motherhood. Amen!!  Well after all the wahala (Nigerian dialect word for trouble) today at work, my senior Supervisor said it’s my fault that the kids are disrespecting me cos I’m too soft. Attentively I listened to her with a smile. But she said “Wipe that grin off your face and stop being so friendly with them. You’ve to become tough and they will listen when you speak!!” For some weird reason that statement hit me so hard it messed up my happy mood the whole day. Ahh.. guess I would have to start going all black on dem kids from now on. hehe..

What do y’all think please? 

     My casual self for y’all. Simple as always. I’m still growing some balls (excuse my french..) and trying to lose some weight to rock some hot stuffs.

Outfit: Shirt: (Asos),  Pants/scarf/ wholly hat/shoes: (Primark),  Crop jeans: (old, Austria) & Hand beads: (New Look)

Have a nice evening y’all…God bless y’all!! 



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