Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. —Proverbs 27:17

If we listen, God will speak to us about our relationships—our marriages, friendships, business associations, and even casual acquaintances. He may ask us to sever friendships or relationships with people who can tempt us to stray from His plan for our lives. We can easily become like those we spend time with. If we spend time with people who are selfish and self-centered, we may soon find ourselves often focused on ourselves, thinking about what we can do or get for ourselves. In contrast, God may encourage us to make friends with someone who is a giver. If we spend time with such a person, before long, we will be givers, too.

It is enjoyable and beneficial to spend time with someone who really hears from God, someone who truly senses what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing. It is not fun to spend time with people who are dull in their spiritual hearing, and we can tell when we are with someone like that. The verse for today says that “iron sharpens iron,” and we can sharpen our ability to hear the right things by being with people who practice listening for God’s voice and obeying Him.

God’s word for you today: We become the company we keep; make “iron” choices.

This is my tribal war look…haha!! I’m just crazy mixing prints but i think it worked innit. Y’all be the judge. I dress according to my mood so you gotta know I was in a happy mood to be wearing all this colours. This gal defo ain’t a fashionista but she ain’t sloppy either….hahahahaa!! Maybe I should have probably tack in the blouse. I’m not really keen on that cos of my bulging tummy which am trying to train.

Top: ASDA,  Skirt: custom made by a seamstress in my area,  Bracelet: DOROTHY PERKINS,  Shoe: MODATOI,  Earring: bought it in Austria. 

Lemme know what y’all think and add / follow me. Thanks for your visitation….appreciated!! God bless Y’allllll..


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