I am trying to be a better person, follow all Your decrees and worship You in truth & in spirit. But it is so hard. No matter how much I try, it ends up thumb down!! Sometimes the things I’m supposed to do, I can’t do them. And what I’m not supposed to do, I do them.

The purpose of this letter is that, I have sinned against You by letting the sun shine on my anger. You know I’m not an angry person, but after what my mum did 25th Dec. 2012 I just can’t bring myself to call her. I want to but I can’t. Hope it makes sense dear Lord. She is my mum yes and I recognize that she’s got problems which needs solving. What am I to do if she doesn’t accept help from anyone? I can’t take it anymore…

I need You God. My mum needs You God. Now I know that we’re sinners and nothing we have done can pay for what You’ve done for us!! Your word says that through Your Son Jesus Christ we have been reconciled with You. Please have mercy upon us. May I find favor in Your eyes when You read this letter and give me a spirit of revelation in Jesus Name…..AMEN


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