So bored at home!! How many of you remember back in the days how keeping diary was so important and so secretive? Well I certainly do cos guess what, I was one of dem people. I had so much going on as a teenager but had few friends and keeping a diary was definitely a plus. It was exhausting at the same time as you are always  wondering if its safe. I remember always changing the hiding position so no one will stumble upon it…hehe!! Anywayz today i feel like I have so much to talk about but no one to talk to and seeing that you can’t trust anyone lately, I created this blog. I follow so many bloggers and i have spent the whole day checking em out. I think it’s a great idea cos I get so much inspiration from this ladies am following. 

Anywayz this blog of mine is just a diary…frustrations will be poured here, opinions about different topics will be shared here, single mother frustrations will be poured here, etc. etc. Please feel free to comment or advice or suggest as we are all in this world to help one another. “Be Your Brother’s Keeper” 


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