Hello Happy People, hope the weather at your end is far more better than mine. It’s hard to be motivated with this cold, windy and rainy weather up in here…Almost got blown away by the wind today. Here I thought I’m big and heavy but apparently not!! All the same we’re grateful to God for His mercies and grace. 

Today was a free day for me so had the opportunity to hit the cinema with a couple of good people. We watched Mr T. Cruise’s “Jack Reacher” and personally I liked it. If you’ve watched a lot of Cruise’s films then you know his typical style…action packed shooting, fast cars and running!! Couldn’t take some pics cos I was a mess with all the wind/rain. Weather got me frustrated…hehe! But not to worry below are some party pics I took last month…Always keeping it simple! Have I told you guyz that makeup isn’t one of my strength? Well there you have it..Missy for you 🙂

With my gal Anita..


Dress: H&M (bagged it for £7..:-)

Shoe: Got it at a boutique in Hamburg Airport

Necklace: NEW LOOK

Anita’s Dress: ASOS

Earring: Hamburg

Fantastic 4: Juliet, Suzzy, Moi & Anita

Dress: ASOS

Sorry about the backgrounds…I just like to take pics the natural ways. 

Danke Schon…(Yea I speak Deutsch too. It means thanks), hehe..

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