Why is a man like a pepper? (West African Riddle). Anyone know the answer? 🙂 We used to play this game when I was a kid back home in Ghana. Basically one is asked a question which can be about art, nature, amenities, etc. and the listeners are to guess an answer to the question or the meaning. Riddles are used mainly for entertainment and stimulating thinking. So have y’all guessed the answer yet? Ait scroll down..

P.S: I don’t know why I asked you that. It might has to do with the dress I’m wearing…hahaha!!

My dress code to a birthday church event. I bought the dress from a friend who had it made from Ghana and I got the shoe in London from a shop at Seven Sisters..(forgive me I forgot the name of the shop).
Necklace: H&M, Blazer, Clutch: PRIMARK, Earring: DOROTHY PERKINS

Answer to Riddle: Until you have tested him, you can’t tell how strong he is. 

Could you guess that? haha… Thanks for your time and God richly bless y’all…

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