Wednesday, 29 May 2013


This week's style crush is Clover Canyon's collection (Rozae Nichols is the designer behind them). Every time I think I've seen the collections of all collections, another pops up and wows the living life out of me!
"Ok maybe not wow the living life out of me" BUT honestly this designs are amazing. It's bold and beautiful. The prints are something I haven't seen before. It's unique but some freak me out!! Is that a good thing? Ah well, scroll down please...

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Hi Lovelies! Pray you're fine and all is well at your neck of the wood. This week's star spotlight is on fabulous Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson. The star is on the cover of House Of Maliq's June edition and she looks gorgeous/sexy in a plunging neckline number. The face is flawless. I like the statement necklace.

All the best Yvonne..
Connect with her on FACEBOOK or KEEK or TWITTER
Make sure to grab your copy of the mag.

I'll always try to bring you a little bit of Africa's most finest things, so stay tuned dearies. Hope you enjoyed the post.

Till then, y'all have a lovely week. :-)


Sunday, 26 May 2013


I bought this yesterday because of Khloe K. No doubt she's my fav Kardashian. I just love her honesty and how she doesn't give a hoot about anything. I like people who don't take themselves too serious because that's the kind of person I am. 
In the mag, she talks about how she's being constantly compared to her sisters, the rumors of her having a different father, her marriage, etc. Aside that, the mag is full of good stories and goodies. I mean take a glance at the cover!!

Least I forget! COSMOPOLITAN is holding a Blog's Award 2013 and you (Bloggers) can enter or you can nominate someone whom you think deserves it. There're a lot of categories which includes Best Craft Blog, Best Travel Blog, Best Vlog, Best New Beauty Blog, Next's Best Newcomer, etc. I've even entered and and you can do so too. There's no harm in trying lovelies..
I've got the badge on my blog so please click on it to vote for me. I'm pretty new to this so I'm gunning for Newcomer :-) Lemme know if you want me to vote for you as well please.

Below are some mag. covers I'm loving at the minute...
Beautiful Adele!
I love the exaggeration of this gown on the model.
Kim K has been getting a lot of criticism for feeble reason lately and its really sad to read it sometimes. I mean the lady is pregnant. People should really give her a break!! Anywhos I think she looks fabulous for someone who is preggo!
Gotta love this sisters...Flawless!
Everybody meet the Ghanaian Actress Joselyn Dumas. She has a mad hips..hehe!!
Check her out in this video of Lynxxx's Fine Lady.

Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies. Till then, stay bless!


Saturday, 25 May 2013


Howdy Lovelies..!!
I don't know about you but I can't get enough of the collections coming from our African Designers lately. While I'm no fashion expert, I know a good ensemble when i see one. I believe this is the third post I've brought to you about collections hailing from African Designers and I am loving it! The magic (hehe..) they're doing with the different African fabrics/prints are ridiculously creative and dope. 
In the words of Wendy Williams, "IT's GOOD"!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


The Ihotu (means love) collection from Nigerian label Fenix Couture screams bold and beautiful. Josephine Akioyamen who established the label which deals in haute couture says, "I was inspired to make these collections by cherry blossom flowers." 
Just a walk in the park (Potomac park in Washington) gave her inspirations! 

*Never underestimate a stroll* 


Hi Lovelies, Hope we're fine!
I am rekindling my love for red all over again after the phrase "red is the devil's colour" from my old lady! There's something about a good stretchy skirt that makes you feel so sexy. Then again I don't know if sexy is the word I'm looking for but its the first word that popped in my head...Hehe!! Come to think of it, sexy is just the right word! Hahaahaa... Can you tell I'm Forgive me I haven't slept since yesterday cos I was in the library all night preparing for a presentation which was due this morning. By the grace of God, it went well. I should be snoring now but I can't bring myself to sleep either. Hmmm...
This is my Sunday church look. Keeping it simple in a print skirt, a red blouse/heels and the usual earring/bracelet. Everything complimenting each other neatly. The weather was pretty good over the weekend that's why you see no blazer. I did miss it though..:-)
What do you think of Dillon's satchel bag? :-) The whole outfit is under £40 can you believe it? Yes we're not only simple, but also cheapskates! Hahaha... We watch our pocket up in here...!! 

What I Wore: Blouse (old, Primark, like THIS), Accessories (Neu Look), Skirt/Bag (Tesco, like THIS) and Heels (old, like THIS)

Hope you enjoyed the post. Stay bless y'all!


Monday, 20 May 2013


Actress, Naa Ashorkor keeping it classy and elegant in a purple and lace gown. Simply gorgeous! 


Here are some of the looks from the 2013 Billboard Awards...
Nicki Minaj (top rap artist winner) keeping it simple in a red gown. Too much boobs but I'm really beginning to like her style now comparing to the old Nicki. That hair is good! 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Hello lovelies..
How ya doing? You know you're blessed if you're up and kicking this morning. It is not by our might nor our strength nor our beauty and defo not by our good works. As humans we're constantly making mistakes and God has every right to give up on us. But He didn't and never will. The word says  "everyday is a new day to announce that the Lord saves His people". Isn't that great!? And we sure can be glad that God ain't a human being that He'll deceive nor lie to us.

Unfortunately yesterday was my last day as a Supervisor at my work place. Due to a lot of companies/employers cutting down on budgets here in the UK, people are loosing their jobs and I happened to be a victim. My heart goes out to some of my colleagues who also lost theirs. It can sure be frustrating but we got to stay positive all the time (yes even when things aren't going well). Life has a mind of its own and we can never rap our pretty minds around it. But when we put our trust/hope in God, like I said..He sure won't forsake us.
1 Peter 5:7 = Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. 
If you're going through tough times in your life, I want to encourage you that all isn't lost yet. Please don't lose hope at all. One door shuts, another door opens and that's Whatsup!! 

I believe I've put a smile on your heart. Now lemme put a smile on your face...

Hahahahaa...this sure takes me back!! I've still got some marks from all the spanking I got in school in Gh.

And then we wonder why people back home ask for too much money and why they think Europe (abroad) is a place where money is plugged from trees. I know sometimes we want to make our folks proud of us but we all gotta start from somewhere in life. Ain't no shame about it cos one day you'll tell your story.

Don't front, you know that's you! hahaha...

Enemies will sure think twice when they see what's coming...hehe!!

Do you think that's the name of the Salon or just a good message for people passing by? :-)

How creative is this!

Now that's a good dress...haha!!

Thank God for internet!
Well hope you enjoyed this post. Have a lovely day! One love!
Be Strong..



Monday, 13 May 2013


These are some of my favourite looks from the Bafta TV Awards.

Claudia Winkleman wearing a lace monochrome bodycon dress

Amy Nuttall in a gorgeous green dress which compliments her skin and hair. This dress is so flattering.

Louise Redknapp in a monochrome look, lace top with a black maxi skirt. She looks so gorgeous and i love how she toned everything down. Works for me cos I believe sometimes less is more. 

Jenna Louise looking beautiful in a champagne lace top dress. I'm in love with that clutch, it got this sci-fi look to it. Wicked!

Karren Brady's pilla dress with gold side panelling is good *in my Wendy William's voice*. Very much age appropriate...stunning!

Holly Willoughby in a one hand shouldered gown, accessorized with a statement silver collar. This dress is alil bit unflattering on her cos Holly has such a good body but its still not a bad look.

Kara Tointon all glamoured up in a champagne embroidered gown with a fringe effect. Again less is more...she allowed the dress to stand out, hence less accessories. Lovely!

Kimberly Wyatt all dolled up in a ruching one shouldered satin gown with a thigh split. I love the MM hair look.  Joan Rivers might say that "the colour of the dress washes her out"[well not nicely like i put it] but i think it doesn't look too bad on her...very classy!

Lara Pulver wearing a coral one shouldered gown, accessorized with a waist belt/gold jewellery.

Laura Whitmore in a black/gold gown. This dress is simple but thats the more reason why I like it. Nice clutch!

What a hot colour!! Michelle Collins looking radiant in a yellow gown and a sick clutch. One look in her eyes and you know she means business...hahaha!!

You know you're in trouble when you wear this waist high slit dress (Sass & Bide) during a windy weather time and that's what happened to Millie. She was force to cover up when the wind showed her who the boss is...hehe!! Sorryyyy...But no doubt you look cute. Professor Green must be very proud...lovely!!

Sienna Miller wearing one of the hottest colour on trend right now, pastel. The dress is by Matthew Williamson. Simplicity never got better...lovely! But do you think a chic belt would have added something to it?

Zoe Hardman in a black neckline, fishtail gown. She looks ok.

Well thanks and hope you enjoyed the post. You might have a different opinion as to how they look and thats even better. Feel free to leave a comment.

Have a lovely day!


Sunday, 12 May 2013


Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mothers and the adorable fathers who're mothers too. :-) May God make the fruit of your womb fruitful..Amen!!

I've been m.i.a for awhile..I apologize! Been busy with final year projects and dissertation reports. Due to some illnesses and being admitted at the hospital, I had to apply for mitigation for my first semester assignments and that means I'm now behind. 

Anywhos...Hope everybody is fine and all is well. :-)

Unto my outfit which I wore to film an event last week Saturday. I was hesitant to wear this dress cos I thought it was too short..hence the Tights. Of course I had to endure the usual "Mavis you're too soft/scared" rants from my friends. I'm not against short attires, but too short where one's crack is bare is too much for me. And I suppose it also depends where one is going with that outfit and the person wearing it. If you're confident in your body and don't care what people think, then hey do your thang!

What I Wore: Blazer (Matalan, like THIS), Dress (old, Warehouse), Tights (TopShop, like THIS), Heels (like THIS)

Till next time...Take care! Muchas gracias!


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